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Domain Perfection is a free information website that informs and discusses topics about domains, the domain name system, domain politics, domains and marks, domaining (the speculation and investment and possible development of domains and websites) and related subjects.

About Domain Perfection

Posted by Doug Peters on January 13th, 2016

About the Domain Perfection website

My name is Doug Peters.  I have been a domainer a long time.  Domain names can have value.  Sometimes great value.  I get people trying to buy my domain names all the time, but they don't understand their value.  

Certainly, if I have a website established, I have invested a great deal of time and effort into the name.  

That said, the politics of the domain name authority and its particularly corrupt administration do have me alarmed.  ICANN has sinned against the small business world that it was supposed to enable.  

But, I don't just sell domain names and administrate a domain prortfolio of my own, either.  I started out as a web designer, moved into marketing, expanded into web hosting and domain names. 

True, I am just some guy, but I stand behind my products and services.  If anyone wants to call me out on any of the information I throw out there, have at it.  I'm just trying to give back and hopefully I can come-out ahead in the process.

The truth is, I am an artist.  All the rest is just to pay the bills.  But I never have enough time to myself just for my art.

I design logos, websites and graphics and marketing campaigns.  But, that's still not art.  My hope is that someday my effort will pay off and I will be able to take some extra time for myself, or even take a back seat to the business.

But rest assured, it is a business.  And no business means business if they aren't conducting business online.  That's just the way it is, get online or you will be missing out.

If you need help with that, let me know.

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  • I am often asked if this domain is for sale.  As I am in the business of selling names, yes. However,  as an established site this domain would command a premium price.

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